Round 2, Track 2


Dream Incubation

The Overnight Method


In this assignment, you will practice dream incubation, using the overnight method I called "the Smithsonian Method," because that is where I presented it in the current form. You will use a different meditation to decide upon a topic to dream about. Then  you will prepare to have a dream on that subject., using the Inspirational Writing approach you used last week. You will meditate on your question, note what you can do about it as of now. You will ask for a dream that will give you an even better idea. You will do an interpretation of the resulting dream, using a different method than last week, and follow through with an application.


Here are the specific steps to this assignment:

  1. Use the "Inspired Heart" meditation to ask your heart what topic or question should you try to dream about tonight.
  2.  Here is the audio version you can download and listen to
  3.  Here is a video version with the same soundtrack
  4.  Once you have your question/topic, do the Inspirational Writing prescribed here
  5.   Using the auto-suggestive affirmation and symbol cue you have created,  go to sleep intending to dream
  6.  Write out your dream in the present tense.
  7.  Download The Theme Approach and follow the instructions. It might be helpful to watch Henry explain this method here
  8. Use the "Inspired Heart" method from, steps 1-3, to gain further ideas on how you might apply your dream interpretation
  9. Email me your report on this exercise