Henry Reed's Dream Quest Class

Round 1 Track 2

Dream Incubation:

Using the "Smithsonian" Method


In this assignment, you will prepare to have a dream on a subject of  your choosing. Using the method presented at the Smithsonian Institute, in Washington D.C., you will meditate on your question, note what you can do about it as of now. You will ask for a dream that will give you an even better idea. You will do an interpretation of the resulting dream and follow through with an application.

Here are the specific steps:

1. Download the essay, "Inspirational Writing in a Dream Journal,"

2. Download the booklet, Dream Solutions at the Smithsonian

3. Remembering what you read, above, about inspirational writing, use it to do the journal writing prescribed on pages 13-18.

4. Remembering what you read, above (pp 7-8 in the Smithsonian booklet) about the importance of application, read the instructions on page 19, meditate, and then use inspirational writing to express your best guess solution.

5. Follow the instructions on pages 20-21 to prepare your pre-sleep suggestive affirmation and visual cue.

6. If you didn't do it earlier this week, do the Dream Recall Clinic.

7. If the next morning you do not recall a dream, follow through with what you wrote in step 4 (Apply your best guess).

8. Repeat step 7 until a dream is recalled.

9. Record your dream as instructed on pages 22-23.

10. Do the dream interpretation work prescribed on pages 24-27.

11. Follow through with testing/applying your interpretation, as prescribed on page 27.

12. Email me a report of the results you experienced with this incubation experiment