Henry Reed's Dream Gymnasium

The "Dream Hook"

The best way to encourage remembering a new dream is to act upon a previous dream!

"Track 1" presents a step by step approach to encouraging dream recall through a process we might think of as a "dream hook," something to get the dreamer's attention. The basic process is to do something in response to a previous dream, with the intention of getting the attention of the dreaming self.

Before you begin working out on this track (and there are four different workout versions), it would be wise to read about Applying Dream Insights.

Then read about a procedure that will be an important part of each workout: Inspirational Writing.

Here is the general structure of these workouts:

  1. Pick a previous dream that interests you, even if it is from long ago.

  2. Use the instructions given for that particular workout to come up with an insight from that dream.

  3. Develop an idea on how you could respond to that insight a few times each day for a few days, to "hook" a new dream.

  4. Follow through and perform that little ritual a few times a day for a few days to see if a new dream will come.

  5. If necessary, using the same dream, go to the next workout and follow those instructions, and repeat steps 3-5, until finally a new dream comes.

Here are the four workouts for creating a "dream hook."

Dream Hook Workout #1

Dream Hook Workout #2

Dream Hook Workout #3

Dream Hook Workout #4