Henry Reed's Dream Gymnasium

Track 1: Creating Dream Hooks

Workout #4

Dialoguing with a Dream Symbol

In this assignment, you will discover your soul's psychic information, as you unpack the dream, rewriting it in a form that is more consistent with your soul's vision than the story line suggests. It can be a challenging process, but well worth learning. Don't let the messiness of the process discourage you. Use the insight from this process to create a hook for a new dream.

 Here are the specific steps to this assignment:

  1. Choose  a dream from your past. It could be the same dream from last week, to give you an alternative viewpoint.
  2. Write it out in present tense.
  3. Download the instructions for Dream Language by Symbol Substitution
  4. As you study these instructions, it might be helpful to watch Henry Reed explain them on this video
  5. Follow the instructions. Use your imagination and enjoy your dialogue with a dream symbol.
    Be sure to test/apply the insight you got from this conversation. Can you see the connection between what the symbol told you and things going on in your life? How can you honor this dream so as to stimulate a new dream? That's how to create your dream hook.
  6. Email Henry, STARBUCK@LS.NET your dream interpretation work and your follow up for comments.