Henry Reed's Dream Gymnasium

Track 1: Creating Dream Hooks

Workout #2


The Psychic Dimension of the Dream is in its Drama


The psychic dimension comes through empathizing with the soul's experience that created the dream. It is our soul that is psychic, and we access this information via the subconscious mind. The conscious mind focuses on the objects, people, etc. in the dream... the "symbols," but often the psychic information is contained in the drama. Sometimes it is difficult to see the drama, being blinded by the symbols. You'll get to do an exercise that will help you master this important skill.

Here are the specific steps to this assignment:

  1. Choose  a dream from your past. It could be the same dream from last week, to give you an alternative viewpoint.
  2. Write it out in present tense.
  3.  Follow the instructions for The Theme Approach
  4. As you study these instructions, it might be helpful to watch Henry Reed explain them on this video

     5. Follow the instructions and write out some versions of the theme, aka "action plot," aka "drama" of your dream.

     6. Be sure to create some way to test/apply the interpreted theme to your life. Can you see the connection between the psychic information and things going on in your life? How might you honor your dream interpretation? How might you signal to your dreaming self, "duly noted!"

     7) Email me your dream and your work to create some theme ideas and test them.

While you are waiting for my feedback, you could move on to the next Round of Track 1, or perhaps spend some time with the reading material. My feedback might affect what dreamwork you do next.