Henry Reed's Dream Gymnasium

Track 1: Creating Dream Hooks

Workout #1

Empathizing with the Soul of the Dreamer


Attuning to the Words in My Dream


In this exploration, you will choose a dream from your past, perform a special interpretation process on the words in the dream, and then... using inspirational writing, explore some statements that might be empathic with your soul who had this dream. Finally, you'll examine your life the next couple of days to look for verification of your interpretation. We will use your experience with this exercise to better guage how you can best benefit from the Dream Gym tools.


Here are the specific steps (1-7):

1) Read the article on Inspirational Writing in Your Dream Journal, primarily pages 199-209, which includes a description of the method you will use here.

2) Choose a dream from your past. Write it out in present tense.

3) Open up the instructions DreamWorkout-1 Instructions

4) To accompany these printed instructions, you may also view Henry explaining the instructions in his video:

5) Perform the workout, through to the end, where it asks you to write something about yourself based on your dream workout. Develop an "insight" from your dream work.

6) In the following 2-3 days, with your dreaming self in mind, see if can attract its attention and get it active, by doing something about the insight you got from that previous dream. For example, pretend the insight you got was to "slow down and smell the roses." So then several times a day, stop what you are doing, and in honor of your dreaming self, take a moment to appreciate something about your surroundings, perhaps smelling a flower, admiring a picture, etc. That attention to your dream insight might trigger your dreaming self to pay you a visit you can remember!

7) If not, then try to create a new hook by going to the next workout in this track and see what happens.

8) In any event, Email me your written work, and your observations about the results of this assignment and I'll have some thoughts for you.